If you are interested in learning more about crisis leadership, then look out for opportunities below to hear the author speak or to book him for an event in your area.


Book the author for a speaking engagement

It is possible to get the author to come and speak to your organization about crisis leadership. Use the Contact tab to reach out. Each speaking engagement is customized towards your organization's needs and we offer a number of formats and lengths. Normally there is a speaking engagement fee which includes a number of electronic copies of the book and the event organizer is expected to pay travel and hotel costs.


Volume orders - get the book for your organization.


We do offer a volume discount on the book if you want to order it for your organization. Each copy will be specifically labeled with your organization's logo. Please use the Contacts tab to get price information.


Can I help promote the book after it is published?


Yes - you can certainly help me promote the book. If you have read it, then please leave a review on Amazon. If you are active on social media, then please let your followers know about it. If you write for magazines, then please mention it in your columns. Reach out to me with ideas!


Want to translate the book to your language?

We will have a program in place that allows you to translate the book to your local language and then share the revenue of all sales of the book in your language. Use the Contacts tab to reach out to us for further details.


Do you have an affiliate program?

Lets talk! We are always open to good opportunities to increase the sales of the book. For further details reach out to us through the Contacts tab.