A crisis can happen at a moments notice and how well you and your organization is prepared for dealing with that crisis will determine how badly it affects you.


As an experienced leader, who has responded to most of the major natural disasters of the last decade, I felt that my lessons in leadership from those chaotic environments would serve as a great basis for a book on leadership in the times of crisis.

The book combines stories from the field of disaster response with the leadership principles that are essential to getting work done in crisis environments. The book describes how you can best build a team/organization that is ready to face crisis and what you as a leader need to do in order to prepare you for a disaster


The book discusses key aspects of being a leader during chaotic times, how decision making gets affected by lack of available information and how you ensure your team can cope with the additional stress of a crisis.

It is my hope that this book will be of interest to leaders at all levels, both within corporations and organizations. It is written in a light, educational manner, providing insights into some of the most chaotic environments on Earth, while at the same time clearly identifying the principles of leadership needed to survive a crisis.

The book is self-published as an eBook and is available from Amazon

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